Mommy Bag Collection

‘Fashion is passion, also for babies.’

Nathalie Aerts,
Designer of The Original Mommy Bag
Founder & Owner Childhome


Becoming a mom is the best feeling in the world! Wear your Mommy title with pride and let the world know you’ve got baby stuff in your bag.
Our popular Mommy Bag has become a must have for new and expecting moms all over the world. With its original and beautiful Belgian design it’s not only handy and spacious but very fashionable as well. There will be hundreds of diaper changes, park activities, movie visits, family vacations and other beautiful memories in which your Mommy Bag will appear to be unmissable.
With the multiple compartments and elastic bands inside, organising your diaper bag has never been this easy. The Mommy Bag includes a foldable changing mat for all the on-the-go diaper changes and a shoulder strap for a comfortable shoulder caring feature.
The one and only original Mommy Bag since 2016!
Belgian design



Take out your mommy clutch which is designed especially for the mommies. When going out, all your personal stuff can fit in the bag combined with some diapers and necessary products for your little one.


The ‘Baby Necessities’ toiletry bag is a must have in which the most important baby essentials can be stored safely. It’s a handy water-repellent bag that can’t be missed in your mommy bag and nursery!


And let’s not forget the daddies! After the great success of the Daddy Bag, we developed a large Daddy Backpack. The backpack is delivered with a foldable changing mat. On top of that there is plenty of storage space to store all of your baby’s items.