Evolu one.80° High chair

Evolu one.80° high chair

Nothing tougher than moving a high chair with a baby in it. Therefore Childhome created the Evolu ONE.80° high chair. We present you the award  winning high chair Evolu ONE.80° with swivel function. The swivel seat allows parents to place or feed their child in the seat in 3 different positions without moving or lifting the entire chair. Easily pull the latch to click the chair in the next position towards the table, 90° clockwise or 90°counterclockwise relative to the table.

On top of that the Evolu ONE.80° is adjustable to 2 table heights. You can use it at a standard dining table (23inch) or at a children’s table of 19 inch. With the optional long legs, the chair is adaptable to a kitchen island of 35,4 inch.

The Evolu ONE.80° is equipped with a 5-point safety harness and safety bumper. The high chair can be used for children from 6 months up to 6 years old. The use of a high chair is recommended once your child is able to sit up straight unaided.

Available in 2 colours

The Evolu ONE.80° is designed in 2 colour variants: Beech + Anthracite and Beech + White.
This way you can select the colour that fits best in your interior.

JPMA Certified

Our Evolu ONE.80° high chair is JPMA certified. (ASTM F404-18 & ASTM F2613-17a)

7 international awards

 The constant development of the Evolu ONE.80° has resulted in several rewards




The development of the EVOLU High Chair started in 2013 and has been evolving ever since. Click on the button to discover the full history of the EVOLU High chair.

Evolu History


Expand the functionality of the Evolu ONE.80° with the optional accessories

Extra Long Legs

Extra set of naturel/anthracite long legs to adapt the height of the EVOLU ONE.80° high chair to a kitchen island of 35.4inch. Due to the easy assembly, changing the height of the high chair is a piece of cake.


The optional basket in sandwich mesh can be mounted on the metal frame underneath the seat of EVOLU ONE.80° high chair.