About us

Looking back on 34 years of overwhelming success, 34 years of development, design and growth where we kept true to our core values of innovation, comfort, safety and last but not least passion.

From the very start, our design philosophy has been based on improving the lives of young parents. We want them to feel the value our product can bring, whether it is in function or comfort. We do this by focusing on innovation when developing new products. Keeping this focus has led to award winning products such as our Sixseater Autobrake stroller, our Evolu high chair and our Evolu ONE.80°. Our product designs guarantee safety, quality and style. By striving towards achieving global safety certifications for our products we have been able to grow our organisation. Currently, Childhome is available in 50 countries worldwide.
However, 34 years of success isn’t only achieved through innovation and safety. It is our passion that is the driving force behind Childhome. Together with our team we believe that “your nursery should tell the story of who you are and be a collection of what you love.”

Stefan & Nathalie Aerts